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Including: Video Collection, Validation, Closed Captions, Excerpts and Video Hosting

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We'll Help You Collect Video Testimonials

Capture world-class customer stories using our technology, the TestimonialsOS™ system.

It's Easy for Your Customers

All your customers need to do to give you a testimonial is click a link. We handle the rest

You Get A Full Service


We are a service, not a software.

So, obviously, we handle everything for you, soup-to-nuts.

Do We have our own video testimonials?

Of course we do!

I got a 100% percent return on investment [...] Ciprian is a really smart dude, really easy to work with, really responsive [...] I couldn't recommend Ciprian highly enough, he is fantastic

Alinka Rutkowska

CEO of Leaders Press (, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press

What I really enjoyed working with Ciprian and his team was that they had had a clear workflow, everything was checked off one by one[...]

I didn't have to be very involved at all...

jesse krieger

entrepreneur, speaker and

best selling author

Working with Ciprian and his team was a very great and smooth process, they integrated very well with the people I already worked with

Claire diaz-ortiz

Author, speaker

Turn your happy customers into your brand's nano-influencers

Your customers' testimonials are the best social proof we can get you!

All In One Place. Or in Many Places

The best testimonials all in one place - the Wall of Love

The Wall of Love will showcase all your favorite testimonials. We can embed it to your website in under a minute. No coding, no developer needed!

Track the metrics

Understand how video testimonials are performing

Track the metrics from all embedded videos, help your marketing team understand the performance at a glance, even promote the best-performing videos to different marketing channels

Use Anywhere

Video testimonials that you can use anywhere: Website, Social Media, Ads, Campaigns, Giveaways

Once you receive the testimonials from you customers, you will be able to use them anywhere.

Spread the love and you'll get more clients.



  • No equipment shipped or special app required
  • Only 2 minutes is required from your customer
  • Any phone works (as long as it has a camera)

New Purchase

Once a new purchase happens, our system jumps into action and starts counting down...

Few Days After

Your customer receives an email and an SMS with the request to give us a testimonial

Click the Link

The customer clicks a link and records the video instantly. No downloads, no apps.

Individual Care

Once we receive the testimonial, we make sure it follows the guidelines and is authentic. Then it's LIVE on your website


Enjoy a drink. On us.

We host your videos

So you don't need to bother about uploads, YouTube, embedding, codes. Anything.

We human-check your videos

And make sure they are good to go before publishing them.

All videos get CC for FREE

All your videos will get Closed Captions, automatically




TestimonialOS™ Setup & Ongoing Collection

Define the strategy, the target and start connecting with your clients to collect as many video testimonials as possible. This is an ongoing process.


Testimonials plug-in via multiple locations

Collected testimonials will be inserted in multiple locations, to make sure every person that your brand touches sees them: email autoresponders, website, etc (we have a 15+ checklist we use to make sure nothing is missed)


Unlock the full power of trust

While having a lot of testimonials is good, it's even better to have people watch them. Here we'll increase the number of people watching your testimonials and we'll measure our success in sales.

Can We Help You?

Sure, we can help.

These are the industries we've had the most success with, but we're always open to other too.


Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce - big and small eCommerce.

We love you all.


Bootstrapped or funded, freelancers or nomads, as long as you have clients, you deserve to have videos of them too


Spas, Barber Shops, Medical Industry (Dentists, Plastic Surgeons), Lawyers, you name it...


SEO, PPC, Web Design, we work with all kinds of agencies, no discrimination.


Agents, RE agencies with happy customers


Selling information is the hardest sale of all before you have video testimonials. Then it becomes easier and predictive.

Show off your customer testimonials

Once you collect the video testimonials, use them to run Ads.

Scroll Stopper

Faces stop people scrolling mindlessly.

Trust Builder

Customers that support your business are the best ambassadors you'll ever have.


Less than you daily espresso.

Our plans are tailored for our customers. So it's hard to just drop a dollar amount in here.

But we promise all plans cost less per day than you daily espresso.

And an espresso won't help you sell more. Testimonials will.


You share you link and we collect the videos in a centralized DB where you have instant access to them. Once there we move to validation ...


Human Checking of received videos

(24 hours max)


Spas, Barber Shops, Medical Industry (Dentists, Plastic Surgeons), Lawyers, you name it...


Video Hosting and Unlimited Traffic on our AD Free Platform where, unlike YouTube, nobody shows Ads to your visitors or tries to lure them away...

EXCERPTS and Closed Captions

Human Written excerpts below videos


Video Incentive distribution by our team if your clients need an incentive to share their story

Learn more about TestimonialsOS™

and how it can help your business grow

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